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St. Peter Tornado Pictures


  • Pictures of the clean-up on 4-4-98

    Below are some pictures that I took on 3/30/98 and 3/31/98 when I was down in St. Peter repairing a house we have there.

    Gustavus has always prided itself on having a beautiful campus, and a lot of people at Gustavus are worried that the pictures of all the damage will scare off new students. I hope it doesn't. From my experiences the last two days, the community of Gustavus and St. Peter are stronger than ever. I was amazed at how the people in the community worked together and helped each other.

    After working all day, I suggested to a friend (a prof I had at GAC - Another example of how close-knit the community of Gustavus is) that we go eat. I mentioned that Godfather's was open, and we decided that it would be nice to "get away" and do something "normal." When we got to Godfathers, they said everything was FREE for workers, and residents! I saw the owner and thanked him, and he said that "yesterday someone had helped him, and he just wanted to help the people of St. Peter." What a great thing to do! They have my business anytime I am in town….

    Another example: while trying to cut up a tree in my friend's yard, a worker from Paul Drake Woods (Staples, MN (218) 894-2871) came up to me and suggested that I try his saw…It worked a LOT better than mine. He told me to keep using it, and then started helping me. Soon the owner of the company, and anther jumped in and started helping! In just a few minutes, the tree was all cut up.

    The beauty of Gustavus goes far further than its trees and buildings.


    The Pictures



  • The American Inn

  • A view of the arboretum, another, and another.

  • A huge cottonwood just down from the complex.

  • Five general views of campus. One, two, three, four, five.

  • Seven shots of Christ's Chapel One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, .Seven.

  • The Catholic Church downtown

  • German Lutheran Church

  • Two views of the cummunity Center. One, Two.

  • A house on Gustavus Campus

  • The High School Field

  • A Jeep near the Arboretum.

  • The Back of Lund Arena

  • Four views of the main entrance to Gustavus. One, Two, Three, Four

  • Three views of the complex. One, Two, Three

  • Old Main

  • Apartments on the S. side of campus

  • Satelite Dish from Nobel

  • Two views of the street below campus. One, Two

  • Swedish House

  • A truck blown into the trees near the S. Appts