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St. Peter Tornado Clean-up Pictures


Here are a few pictures that I took on 4/4/98 after working on the cleanup at Gustavus and our place in St. Peter. The pictures do not do justice to the number of hard-working people cleaning up Gustavus and St. Peter.

We were once again amazed at the amount of people working on the clean-up. Everywhere you looked, there were people working cleaning up the campus, and the town. In just a few days most of the downed trees had been cut up and removed, and debris hauled away.

The campus had really been cleaned up, but I could not shake the feeling that Gustavus was just being built. There were contractors everywhere, making it look as if the campus were a new development.

Once again, the generosity of the people in the area amazed us. Every few blocks in town porta-pottys had been set up, and next to each were stacks of bottled water, and Pepsi products. In the Godfathers, Nestle had donated a whole table of Easter candy.



The Pictures